Dedicated Owner Cares for Paralyzed Pit Bull in the Sweetest Way

Dogs are known as man’s best friend. They are forever loyal to their owners, and will always try to make them happy. Sadly, their owners do not always show the same kind of loyalty that their dogs show them. There are so many people that abandon their pets over the smallest reasons. But this man is a great example for all those kinds of pet owners. He has remained dedicated to his bedridden dog for years.

Loois the pit bull means the world to his owner, Craig. He is the only family that lives with Craig, and they are always looking out for each other. Loois had to have surgery to remove an extra vertebra from his spine. The extra bone had dealt him a lot of pain, and there was no other option. Sadly, surgical complications rendered Loois paralyzed below the ribs.


Taking care of Loois was going to be a lot of effort. Despite that, Craig didn’t put Loois down, and he refused to abandon him. With a lot of dedication, he adjusted his lifestyle to help with Loois’s condition. The pair come up with creative solutions to go on walks together. Craig holds up Loois’s lower body while the dog walks ahead. The doting owner even built Loois his own tram in the garage so he can play ball in there!

Thanks to Craig’s unconditional love, Loois can live the rest of his life happily. Dogs are family too, and should never be abandoned in their times of need.

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