Impatient Cat Knocks on Her Owners’ Bedroom Door for a Heartwarming Reason

If you have a kid at home, you know all the woes of being woken up before your expected time. Every parent has experienced the terrifying sound of a child knocking on their door or causing commotion in the next room. While you are in a deep sleep, you just don’t want to deal with all that ruckus. And as this video shows, even pet parents can relate to it!

Cats are known for being very smart animals. Just take for example, the cat in the following clip. When he got tired of waiting for his owners to wake up in the morning, he came up with a genius plan to stir them out of sleep. This cat follows his own timetable and doesn’t care about his humans’ nap time at all!

The owners thought that they were going to get some peace and quiet when they closed their bedroom door, however, one of their naughty cats had other things in mind. Purring at their door wasn’t working, so he took some drastic measures to capture their attention.

After it happened more than once, the owners set up a camera and managed to get this hilarious footage. It is amusing to watch, but one can’t help but feel for the cat’s sleep-deprived owners! This cat could even substitute for an alarm clock if his owners wanted!

Check out this funny clip below! Were you expecting that? Share your thoughts about it in the comments section!

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