Little Girl Sings to Her Big Pit Bull, This Video Will Make Your Day

Gifting your kid a dog is one of the best things you can do for your child. The loyal creatures provide them with unconditional love and support, and they also give them the best of company. The bond between a child and their pet is incomparable.

Featured below is a duo that has gone quite viral on Instagram. And I am not really surprised to see why. This little girl and her pit bull friend have been warming the hearts of almost everyone on the internet. Their posts have destroyed the negative stereotypes on pit bulls. These beautiful dogs are like the rest of their canine counterparts – in the end, everything comes down to how they were raised.


Meet Lebowski. This handsome pooch is the best friend and protector of Scarley. Their mom has captured tons of photos with as a way of looking back on everything. I am sure they will cherish these moments all their life.

The following video shows Scarley singing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” to Lebowski. It is the most adorable thing and it is sure to make you smile! This proves how much impact a dog can have on a child. Check out the video below!

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