He Learned Sax to Deal with Being Bullied – Now He’s on World Stage

Sometimes we just need something to help us get through life–here’s a guy who turned to the saxophone to help him cope with being bullied at school. Now that saxophone is helping reach heights he never dreamed of.

21-year-old Avery Dixon of Atlanta tells a story of how, like many kids, he had a hard time in school because he was different. So he turned to music, learning the sax. As Simon Cowell put it, “You decided to take something to take your mind away from all those horrible people and it was the saxophone.”

But some of Avery’s troubles continued right up to the audition. While he was practicing for the show, neighbors in his apartment complex called the police because he was making too much noise!

When Avery starts playing, however, it’s obvious that all that adversity has made him an outstanding saxophonist. And as he builds to the song’s climax he has judges and audience dancing in the aisles. It’s clear that some of his troubles will be over after this audition!

WATCH the video below and tell us what you think of Avery’s skill.

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