6 Miles from Shore They Spot a Deer in the Water – Watch the Wild Rescue

Nature is unpredictable. You never know what to expect from it – especially when it involves water. You have probably heard lots of unusual stories about what fishermen and sailors have encountered out there. But the video below features an unbelievable story that you probably won’t believe until you see it yourself!

A few fishermen were out on Long Island Sound, when they caught this incredible moment on camera. Rob Kurdy and his friends were fishing when they saw something bobbing in the waves. So they stopped what they were doing to get a closer look. They spotted a deer struggling to stay afloat!

Deer are surprisingly agile swimmers and can easily cross rivers and lakes. They are able to swim up to 6 miles per hour and use their front legs to paddle and their back legs to provide thrust. Their long legs also help them to stay afloat and maneuver in the water. Deer have been known to swim up to 13 miles in a single day in order to reach a new location.

The problem for this deer, however, was the water temperature of only 58 degrees. The deer was tired and cold and just couldn’t keep going. So watch what one of these brave young men did.

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