Guy Saves a Girl From a Creep by Pretending to Know Her and This Situation Illustrates a Big Problem

Creepy individuals are not just a disgusting reality of social media. Some even have the audacity to make a similar approach in broad daylight without the fear of being spotted. On the internet, it may be slightly easy to ignore the creepy men. But in real life, the options are limited.

Not many people like getting into some else’s other business or even interfere in such a situation to help the poor girl. A Tiktoker by the name “Brandon Robert” came forth a similar case. Instead of walking away, Robert decided to approach the women, who clearly looked stressed. At the same time, this overly persistent man went on rambling things. Robert peaked in like a friend.

Robert got her away from the man, saying she had to meet her aunt. Moving on, he even walked the stranger to her car, just in case if the man was following. Who, as mentioned by the Tiktoker, was under the influence. The TikTok soon went viral and in no time flooded with women sharing similar and scary situations. As if it wasn’t already hard to be a woman. People have to go out of their way to make it worst. If you ever come across such a scenario, intervene and help them.


She was so thankful 🥺🥺

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