Simon Says 14-Yr-Old’s Performance ‘Might Have Been Her Big Break’

The internet has allowed us to hear a lot of stories about relative unknowns becoming famous overnight and somehow taking the prize at whatever they’re attempting to do. We don’t hear quite as many stories about people who take a shot but don’t quite make it.

That’s one thing I like about the America’s Got Talent All-Stars competition in 2023. It takes a group of competitors who didn’t make it the first time around and gives them a second chance–another shot at winning it all.

14-year-old Sara James of Osno Lubuskie, Poland, is one of those contestants. In 2022, she rocketed to fame with her AGT performances and made it to the Top 10. But then she lost and, while she went home to relative fame in her home country of Poland, she didn’t become the household name around the world that she was hoping for.

In 2023 she’s on the All-Stars show and, because of her age and talent, she’s already someone who the judges want to watch. Simon Cowell, who gave her a “golden buzzer” in her audition last time, is especially fond of Sara.

In this round she starts out with a personalized rendition of Harry Styles’s hit “As It Was.” It starts out slow–too slow if you ask me–but once she starts to build it definitely gets better. Once she finishes, both judges and the audience approve.

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