Quick Thinking Good Samaritan Sprints Into Action Seeing This Teenager in Deadly Situation

A local store owner has been dubbed a guardian angel after saving the life of a stranger while being pursued by four people, one of whom was brandishing a gun. Surveillance footage shows the split-second decision the owner made just inches away from the life-saving encounter.

According to Johnson, he saw five teens running toward his store on Kingshighway in St. Louis as he stood at the front door of his business. “I couldn’t tell if they were just running normally until they got halfway across the lot,” claimed Johnson.


Once they got closer, Johnson noticed one of the five teens chasing another, and realized it was an attempt to call for help.

The gentleman got closer to the front door, he looked at me debating if he wanted to run in the store or run and try and getaway. I held the door open and let him in and lock the door from the other four guys that were chasing him. I was thinking I have my own son and I hate to see something happen to him,” said Johnson.

Watch the full video here:

After rewatching the surveillance video and seeing the danger of the situation, he states:

I did not see the gun, but my decision was I had to stand firm, had I could not buckled with my decision. If I would have let them in the store, they would have done whatever they wanted to do, so I had to block that doorway. I just really did what any father would do. I was not looking to be a hero. I really was hoping to save someone’s life and that day I saved more than one life, the guy with the gun and the gentleman they were chasing.

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