German Shepherd stays patient with naughty cat that wouldn’t stop annoying him

Dogs are just the best friends we can ever have. They are so devoted and loyal to their owners and nothing short of a blessing in our lives. They are very gentle with everyone they see in the family or the “pack”. This holds true even if there is a cat in the house! Cats and dogs are said to be enemies, but dogs have shown how gentle they can be even with those critters. Just look at the one in the following video!

This German Shepherd was just minding his business. German Shepherds are known to be really obedient and well-mannered dogs, given that they are trained well. But this guy was on another level! Because he remained so calm even while being assaulted by a hyperactive cat! That’s right—a ginger cat was trying to mess with a dog more than twice his size, but the dog still remained cool and calm.

This German Shepherd showed the patience of a saint. The naughty cat kept smacking his face, poking his nose and annoying him in other ways, but he just remained calm. Another German Shepherd even came to break up the fight, but the cat didn’t seem to be affected by that in any way. It’s amazing how dogs can be so peaceful but cats can be so aggressive even towards animals that are bigger than them!

Check out the full video below:

[ytvid id= “sPOvnHWzjr0”]

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