Heartbroken Dog Looking For Owner Can’t Stop Digging Into His Tomb

Dogs are the most loyal company and friend a human being could ask for. The love they have for their owners is unconditional. And if they ever separated from their owners, they’re the most heartbroken. So, when Huzi lost his owner Granda Wu, it was the hardest thing he had to bear.

Huzi lived with his owner Gradapa Wu for almost ten years. The two were inseparable and had so much love for each other. The dog was so much in pain and refused to do anything at all, including eating. So, grandpa Wu’s daughter decided to take the pooch to his owner’s grave.

sad dog digs owner's grave

Once he got to the grave, Huzi didn’t want to leave Wu’s tomb’s sight. He sat there with teary eyes and refusing to move. He even started digging the tomb to look for his owner.

Grandpa Wu’s daughter captured the footage of Huzi digging the grave to see his owner. She keeps telling him it’s time to go home, but he wasn’t ready to leave yet.

WATCH the emotional video below.

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