Sad Clown is a Little Shy at First but When His Act Started -the Whole Crowd Was on Tears

When I think of a clown, the first thing I think of is face-paint and funny tricks! This is probably why the thought of sad clowns make people so uncomfortable. However, when this unhappy clown came to the stage of America’s Got Talent, the judges couldn’t wipe the smile of their faces!

When Puddles the clown comes to the set of the famous talent show, he completely stands out! But the reason people find him odd isn’t just the all-white face paint and clothes. It’s that he is timid and sad. And not to mention quiet! Moreover, even the judges are a little confused when the silent clown goes to stage with just a briefcase.

puddles pity party agt

As the judges find out more about him, he seems like a charming clown despite the odd costume. But when he starts his performance, everyone is in shock! Moreover, as he stands in front of the mic and sings his hearts out, people begin cheering! And his rendition of Sia’s “Chandelier” is beautiful. Furthermore, his classical and powerful voice is so impressive that the judges keep on smiling throughout the performance! Watch the incredible musical performance below:

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