Homeless Dog Makes His Bed Every Day At Shelter While He Waits For Forever Home

Dogs are fascinating animals that can be trained to do numerous activities. They are loyal, they help us, and they can be our ultimate best friends. Don’t we feel sad for all these fur babies that have to stay at an animal shelter waiting for a home? Yes, we all do.

This is the story of Rush, a homeless Pit Bull that has been waiting to be adopted for almost a month at an animal shelter in Kettering, Ohio. The 1-year-old dog has one beautiful habit: he makes his bed every day!

The company SISCA (Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals) was helping Rush to find an appropriate family for Rush. As the video of him making his bed went viral, a couple from California came ahead to take him home.

Evidently, the couple had recently lost their dog so they instantly fell in love with him and little Rush found his forever home. Watch this viral video of Rush making his bed and share your thoughts with us in the comment below:

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