Curious Parrot Is Fascinated to See Washing Machine for the First Time- Wait Till It Turns on

Parrots are lovely, funny at times, and very intelligent. On the top, they are such keen observers of their surroundings that it has been believed that parrots have a “Theory of Mind.”

In this funny video, you will watch a parrot figuring out the rotation of the washing machine and eventually spinning along. The beautiful creature looks amazed and amused as it follows the rotation of the blades.

This hilarious parrot named Koa loves watching the clothes moving inside the machine and it tries to spin along with the blades. It looks like this bird needed a while to understand the spinning mechanism of the laundry appliance but after getting it, the parrot eventually synchronized with the machine.

Not to forget, the background music “There is no time for caution” by Hans Zimmer makes this video even more appealing to watch. Watch this funny video and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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