This Rooster Frequently Disappears At night, When They Set A Camera To See Where He Goes

When you see a rooster, you may be automatically scared of one. A hen never really drives you away like a rooster. They look angry at all times and will mostly make sure to scare away the people. They want their space and they are not quiet known for being friendly.

This rooster, however, is a bit different than the others. This one right here is a little empathetic and knows how to make friends as well. Not just with other birds or animals but humans as well.

This rooster almost died before getting rescued by Apricot Lane Farms In California. The farm has a lot of birds and animals with interesting habits and stories. Roo the rooster is one with a very interesting and saddening story. But, his one particular habit shocks us all.

Watch the full video below!

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