Birds are one of the most curious and amusing animals. If you have a pet, you are well aware of how fast these aerial beings adapt to the changes. Packed with various traits, some birds, in general, even pick up human’s routine.

Take Cockatiels, for example. They are very observant. These adorable creatures can mimic your voice or specific character in not time. Not just that, they are great with children. Thanks to their gentle disposition. Usually, it’s pretty scary to have aggressive pets around newborn babies. Unintentionally pets can end up injuring babies. So, we have to be careful choosing our companions, especially with toddlers around.

The clip below is a similar example. A baby boy is enjoying his nap when the house pet decides to inspect the little one. The Cockatiel goes really close to the baby. In few times, the bird begins chirping, almost like a lullaby. It goes on singing for some time before giving the baby a smooch. So much so, the bird even mimics the kissing sound.

Please press play and enjoy this entertaining clip.

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