It Looks Like Any Other Lawn, but Wait Till You See When He Pushes the Button

Having a backyard pool is something people dream about! Unfortunately, most of us don’t have space in our backyards even if we want to build one. However, this guy found an ingenious way around that fact. And it tucks away nicely when you don’t need a swimming pool!

At first glance, Gil Klar’s lawn looks like any ordinary yard. If anything, it’s clean, green, and in tip-top shape! But something is exciting hidden below the neatly manicured grass. Moreover, there is no visible structure in the seamless grass to suggest that there is indeed anything there! But wait till he pushes a button.

hidden pool lawn

One-half of the lawn starts slowly sliding under the raised patio. And it reveals the glimmering blue waters of a swimming pool! As if this architectural beauty wasn’t impressive enough, Gil did all the yard renovations by himself. Moreover, he was able to finish the project with about $10K without the help of any contractors, which would have cost him four times the money. Now, that’s what we call a handyman! Watch the big reveal below:

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