Carrie Underwood is Totally Unrecognizable in Star-studded Trio Performance of 60’s Classic

When you think of Carrie Underwood, you immediately associate her with American Idol. She was a winner of the prestigious title, and over the years, she has gone on to become an amazing country singer. Her voice and style are appealing to a huge audience. But the following video shows a side of her that most of us probably haven’t seen before. This proves just how much of a versatile and talented performer she is. And of course, she did it with a little help from her friends.

She sat down with Christina Applegate and Kristin Chenoweth for a mock interview. They decided on performing an amazing throwback to the 1960s. They decided to put out all the stops. They got dressed in retro attires—huge pink dresses and heels. To complete the look, they even had huge blonde beehive hair. Once their look was set, they went on to blow everyone away with their amazing songs—it’s quite a medley they put together!

While Carrie is known for her voice, Christina is known more for her acting. Everyone must have been shocked to see that she had such a wonderful voice as well. The trio definitely brought the 60s back with their medley of classic hits such as “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”, “Be My Baby” and “Leader Of The Pack”. Even though the songs are quite old, these three ladies pull it off brilliantly!

They really did justice to the songs. To top it all off, their outfits were on point too!

Check out this amazing video below:

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