Retired nurse showers dogs with love and affection during their final days at canine hospice

Every dog, either young or dying, deserve love and affection. Yet, people abandon thousands of dogs every year. Hundreds are left to die in the worst condition. And many get picked up by pounds and shelters and eventually killed. But this woman is here to shower these abandoned dogs with lots of love.

Nicola Coyle was a former nurse and also an employee at a dog rescue center. But after her retirement, she was determined to help out the dogs that were abandoned and in need of care — especially the ones living their final days.

grey muzzle organization

Nicola started operating a hospice for dogs called the Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice Project. To date, she has treated dozens of dogs. All the canines that come into her hospice are from kennels. And most of them are scheduled to put down. She keeps 2-3 dogs at a time, and for the rest, she tries her best to find a foster home.

She feeds steak dinner to her adorable pooches now and then. Nicola even celebrates their birthday and feeds them their favorite food. She spends about £500 on each dog that comes to her. And in their final days, she makes them feel the most loved. So, the dogs would now cross the bridge without feeling abandoned.

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