Religious Show Hosts Try Not to Laugh at Singing Caller but Hilariously Fail

There are times when laughing is definitely okay, expected even, and then there are times when it should be avoided. Like when someone is performing an act that is not supposed to be funny, or maybe a religious moment in church. Or even both.

In this video, we have the perfect set-up. Two hosts of a religious call-in show, a father and son, get a call from a man who says he and his mother are trying to make it as singers. He asks if he can sing a song and the hosts tell him sure. That was probably their first mistake.

As the singer on the phone proceeds, he is clearly horrible, and the younger host smiles but is able to keep his composure. When the man finishes, just as the son says, “…that was excellent,” we hear his Dad’s laughter–he’s in absolute stitches!

What follows is one of the most hysterical laughfests on the internet. Dad can hardly breathe while the son tries to not only keep it together for the show but also keep Dad from getting any worse. Talk about contagious laughter! Watch the hilarious video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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