Mom’s Reaction to Being Interrupted by Her Children in the Middle of an Interview is Leaving the Internet in Hysterics!

You might remember a video that went viral a few years ago. A man was giving a very serious video interview with the BBC. This very official conference call was going perfectly okay when someone burst out the door and changed it all!

It was in fact his daughter, who came up to her dad nonchalantly. Moreover, his other child also followed their sibling to the room. Luckily, his wife saves the day by collecting the kids and taking them outside in superhuman speed. This hilarious video started a conversation on balancing work and people’s home-life. And that brought up the obvious question of what would happen if the one giving the interview was the mother. This little skit by Jono and Ben, a comedy show from New Zealand, shows that scenario!

interview interuptted bbc

When a woman is giving the interview, a happy-go-lucky child comes into the room just like the original video. But what she the daughter comes towards the way is so unexpected. She just picks her up like a mother would carry her child and start feeding her milk. Moreover, when the other child comes she plays with the toddler, without stopping her interview. The most hilarious thing is when a bomb disposal team comes in. Furthermore, the all-rounder woman’s biggest task is yet to be done, and it involves her husband’s socks. Watch the funny video below:

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