Elderly Couple Calls Repo Man “Wonderful” After He Pays Off Their Debt and Returns Their Car

Life is not predictable. You never know who may help you in life so make sure you are kind to everyone.

This story is proof that humanity still exists in this world. The elderly couple in this video is just so proud and happy about remaining. They think he is a wonderful person and he really is. Pat and Stan are an elderly couple who have been married for several years now. Life had not always been very pleasant for the couple but they were sure that they would be comfortable.

repo man pays off car

However, things went down when they lost their car. Stan had been working for the military and he later became a janitor. He suffered from Alzheimer’s which made it hard for him to work at all. This is where a repo man stepped in. The kind repo man says,” “They were like America’s grandparents. I saw my grandparents in them. I made it a block before I pulled over, called the bank and I asked them if I could pay off the past due amount.”

Kindness surely is a very beautiful thing. Watch the full video below!

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