Doctor Demonstrates How to Effectively Remove Ring Without Cutting It Off Your Finger

Rings are one of the most worn accessories on the planet. Most people wear it for sentimental reasons, like your wedding ring! Which is why we keep it on so that it doesn’t get lost. However, sometimes these metal bands can get stuck on our fingers. In that case, it needs to be cut off, which sounds devastating. But this doctor has an easy solution that doesn’t require any cutting!

People come to the hospital all the time with finger injuries. During this time, their digits are swollen, and so their rings don’t come off! Moreover, it’s dangerous to keep it on, so you need to cut the bands to relieve pressure. However, this doctor has a foolproof way to take the ring off without harming it in any way. And all it requires is a strap of an oxygen mask and a tweezer!


In a video, Dr. Simon Carley, who is a Professor of Emergency Medicine in Manchester, UK, demonstrates a simple trick using his ring. Firstly, he uses the stretchy strap of the oxygen mask and wraps it around his finger. By doing so, you can squash the swollen tissue down! Moreover, starting from the top, he covers the elastic tightly until it reaches the ring. Further, he uses a tweezer to pull the string under his band to the other side. Slowly, he starts pulling the strap to unravel the ring off his finger like magic! Watch the video below for details:

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