Mom Walks in to Her Baby Preparing to Fall Asleep, Her Trick to Make Her Bed is Heartwarming

How amazing are dogs?! These adorable animals are not called man’s best friend without any reason. They have earned that title! Dogs are the most loving and loyal creatures you will ever come across. Even if you do them wrong, they will stay by your side. They are cute, smart, and extremely intelligent. They can also sometimes be used as babysitters! When it comes to babies, dogs really know what they are doing. You don’t even have to teach them – they will immediately step in as your kid’s guardian by themselves.

According to various studies, kids that grow up with dogs tend to be happier and healthier in comparison to those who don’t have one. Featured in the video below is a very adorable moment between a tiny baby named Madison and her faithful best friend, Ryder. When Ryder was introduced to Madison, he instantly fell in love. She couldn’t even walk properly when they first met, but now she has Ryder indulging her every whim.

In this precious clip, we get to see little Madison set up a makeshift bed alongside the big German Shepherd and take a nap right on top of him. It is the cutest thing ever! According to their dad, Madison loves her two dogs and sometimes wants to give them blankets and pillows. She even falls asleep on them frequently. Ryder, especially, is like a walking pillow for her. He says the German Shepherd is really patient with the baby and very protective of her.

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