Dog learns how to body-slide in the snow, then camera catches him do the most hilarious thing

I absolutely love playing in the snow. I am sure some of you share the sentiment, but then there are those of us that simply hate it. And as you might already know, this is true not only in the case of humans, but for animals as well. The internet is full of different videos that share with us the reaction of pets to snow. They can either be seen jumping and running around in joy, or glaring at the white fluff in anger. Take a look at this funny clip for example.

The adorable black Labrador in the clip loves playing in the snow. The precious pooch is called Rafi and his enthusiasm knows no bounds whenever he comes in contact with it. One day, his family decided to take him up a snow-covered hill. You are going to be left in stitches when you see how the adorable dog reacts on the trip. Rafi just couldn’t stop himself from body-sliding down the slope once he reached the top. He really knows how to have fun!

Dogs are energetic creatures. When it comes to having fun, they just don’t hold back. And Rafi is no exception to this rule. He loves snow just as much as the next person, but it’s the way he enjoys it that’s making him popular on the internet. Wait till you see his antics! It really is very cute!

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[ytvid id=”DVzKX6R16ks”]

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