Racist Woman Asks People To Speak In English. They Have The Perfect Response

There are 195 countries in the world. And each of them has its history, culture, tradition, and language. This is what makes us all unique from one another. Sure, English is a universal language, but that doesn’t make it the most important one. And it’s not written anywhere that everyone should know how to speak English.

First things first, there isn’t an official language in the United States. English might be the most common, but America is the land of immigrants. Hence, people from all over the world live there and speak their native language. So, when this woman decides to tell this mother-daughter duo to “speak the language” after hearing them talking differently, it was time to teach her a lesson.

woman makes racist comment

Jasmine and her mother were minding their own business at a store and having a conversation in Hmong. All of a sudden, a woman came out of nowhere and asked them to “speak the language,” which, in everyone’s guess, is English. When they try to confront her, the woman’s explanation was more illogical than her remark.

Jasmine asks the woman if she’d speak Hmong if she were to come to her house. The mother-daughter duo than decides to put the woman in a blast for making racist comments. The woman tries to defend herself but at this point fails miserably. Thus, the only option for her is to walk away.

WATCH the video below to see how the mother and daughter taught a lesson to this racist woman.

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