This Cat Frequently Disappears, But the Truth Came Out When They Set a Camera to See Where He Goes

Cats are one of the most brilliant and clever animals ever. They are capable of outsmarting humans and other animals as well.

Meet this burglar cat. Even the camera could not catch the cat’s actions at once. Talk about skills! When you meet Dusty you will surely mistake him for a lazy housecat. He surely is a very lazy housecat but only during the daytime. How we wish Dusty was just as active as he is at night during the daytime as well. But then again that’s how his cleverness works.

He can fool you in every way possible. When you least expect the cat to do something, he does it. The cat was caught on camera stealing. The owners apparently deny the allegations but the cat has done everything so cleverly and obviously that you won’t be able to deny that this is in fact an act of geniuses.

He is enviable and a bad cat at the same time. Watch the full video below!

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