This Raccoon sneaks Into Her House Every Night For Food. Watch When He Gets Caught

Raccoons have a reputation for causing quite a ruckus! These masked bandits are sneak into people’s homes and stop at nothing to scavenge some human food. Moreover, these nocturnal animals are smart enough to find new ways of breaking into houses! And this particular raccoon learned to use the cat door!

Laura Bowman, who is an 18-year-old student from Nashville, Tenessee got a surprise when she got to her kitchen. It was 1 am, and she wasn’t expecting anyone awake. But then, she found a Raccoon was happily munching on dog food. Moreover, the rodent was using its hands to take out the food directly from the bag, spilling it all over the floor!

raccoon stealing

While the Raccoon is busy eating, Laura whips out her phone and starts filming. Suddenly, the creature discovers the teen and dashes out the door. However, a few moments later, the stealthy animal pops its head through the cat door. By this time, Laura has already come closer to the door. And this makes the raccoon stop at its tracks! But the temptation is too much, and the animal grabs a few treats that are lying nearby. Furthermore, it slowly backs away, never to be seen again. Watch the hilarious video below:

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