Poor Raccoon Was Stuck Under a Tree Until These Kind Men Decide to Help Him Out

Animals are incredible and amazing. Each one has its own special ability and skill which enables them to survive in the wild. But sometimes, they can get themselves stuck in some very unsavory situations. That’s when they need a little help from their human friends. The little critter in this video was also having quite a hard time because he had gotten himself stuck.

The men who took this video came across a raccoon that was wedged between the ground and a fallen tree. The area had witnessed some heavy rain and strong winds, so the tree must have fallen down. Perhaps the raccoon had tried to burrow under the tree but was unsuccessful. Thankfully, the kind men went straight to trying to free him from his predicament. They brought a jack to help them get the weight of the tree from the ground.

When that wasn’t enough, they decided to dig the ground to loosen it up and give the raccoon a bit more space to wiggle out of his spot. It took a little while, but they were able to get him out in one piece! The raccoon was more than happy to be free—he immediately got back up on his feet and bounded away from the scene. He was up a tree in a matter of moments! Now, this is one spirited critter.

Check out this amazing video below:

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