Excited Puppy Shows Dad She Missed Him in the Most Adorable Way

Dogs are the best friend that remains in one’s life for the shortest time while making the biggest impact. Dogs, in short, make people’s lives better.

A dog went viral on different platforms on the internet for all the good reasons. We can’t help but love the reason he got so famous in such a short time. This boxer is a very enthusiastic one. He loves wagging his tail whenever his owner comes back home from work.

We can tell that the owner and his pet have a very good relationship with one another. The owner knows he is coming home to a loving pet while the pet is aware of his own happiness and makes sure to let his human know. The boxer is seen wagging his tail and bum in excitement.

One just can’t help but fall in love with this dog’s love for his human and his enthusiasm. Watch the full video below!

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