Naughty Puppy Tries To Argue With Mom Over Ripped Bed

Dogs are honestly the loveliest creatures that are pet by humans. Apart from being loyal, brave, caring, these furry companions share a close connection with us. Similarly, Huskies are one of my favorite breeds. The goofy-natured dogs are known for being playful. 

There is no DULL moment with huskies around. They are a source of uninterrupted entertainment. 

Similar to the dog in the clip below, his name is Blu. And he is a very chatty one. Hence, he has no problem sharing his opinions out aloud. The dog rarely barks, but he sure can howl, whine and moan. 


The owners left one evening, instructing Blu to go straight to bed. However, he had other plans. Once the parents left the house for a night out. He decided to go down on his bed by ripping it into small pieces. When the keepers return home, they are shocked to see the parts of the bed cushions all around the house. 

But as soon as she begins to yell, Blu, he makes his opinion clear. The canine companion shares no regret initially. He howls through the arguments. Eventually, he owns up to the mistake by narrowing his eyes, tilting his head, and letting the owner speak. Blu makes the whole scenario hilarious. Please press play and enjoy the clip.

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