Man Tries To Kick Homeless Dog At The Beach, Receives Instant Karma

Humans tend to act more animal-like compared to dogs. A lot of incidents is reported about people abusing their own pets and other animals. What’s even scarier is that animal abuse is linked to human violence. Most of these go unregistered, but sometimes, we encounter stories like what happened in this video.

The video shows a man running on a beach towards a dog that’s clearly minding its own business. The man tried to kick the dog by jumping, and the dog was able to escape the attack making the man stumble in the sand. As the man stood up, he looked back and saw what could have been anyone’s greatest nightmare: a bunch of dogs running angrily after you.

The other dogs came to take on the senseless man who tried to hurt their friend. The man ran as fast as he can, but the dogs are faster, he dived into the sand towards the water, and the dogs stopped chasing him.

The video was initially posted on Reddit where happy to what the man experienced. While some are amazed by how the other dogs realized that a bully was before them and chased him together. There are also others who showed pity towards the man, reasoning that there must’ve been something else that happened outside of the 15-second clip that was uploaded online.

Either way, this should be a reminder to everyone to always be kind even to animals, as we’ll never know who or what lies around. Check the video for yourself with this link: Embedded Video Link.

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