Poodle Thinks Baby Sister is in Danger – Watch What He Does to Protect Her!

The tiny toy poodle featured in the video below is called Eekichi. When Eekichi heard the scary sound of the vacuum cleaner, he immediately ran to his sister’s side acting as a shield.

The poor guy is extremely terrified of vacuum cleaners, and he doesn’t want it to harm his little human. He doesn’t even think about his own safety while doing so! How cute is that?!

Dogs are very protective of what they love and Eekichi only confirms that fact. His owner writes in the YouTube description that her little dog is only 7lbs, but that she is proud to say that her dog loves her daughter so much so that he’d physically protect her with his tiny 7 lbs body!

She says she can’t wait to show her daughter this video when she gets older so she can know just how strong their bond has always been.

Watch the cute clip below. Isn’t that adorable? Let us know what you thought in the comments section!

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