This Dog Just Lost His Brother and the Emotional Video Broke My Heart

There are some of us who believe that animals don’t have feelings and emotions, that they stay with you only for food and shelter. Maybe this video will make you think twice on that subject.

The Rottweiler in this video is named Brutus. Rottweilers are thought to be an aggressive breed and are often used as guard dogs.

But the dog lying next to Brutus is his brother Hank, who Brutus has just discovered has passed away in his sleep. When you see the reaction of this dog to the sad news, you will not be able to hold your tears. The grief-stricken look on his face is extremely heartbreaking.

Crying rottweiler grieves for dead brother 1-22 screenshot

Even with the owner’s soothing words, it’s clear that Brutus in inconsolable in his loss. In this video I think it’s clear Brutus is feeling emotions and, when watching it, you probably will too.

Watch the sad video below and let us know in your Facebook comments if you think Brutus is feeling emotions similar to a human.

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