9-Yr-Old Wants to do Something Nice for Teacher, So He Makes This Card

There’s an old saying about “wisdom from the mouth of babes” that comes to mind when I watch this story. This boy wanted to do something nice for his teacher because he didn’t think she made enough money. So he set out to fix that.

9-year-old Parker lived in Tampa, Florida. When he received some money for his birthday, Parker decided to give some to his teacher. He made a card, taped a plastic bag with money in it and gave it to his teacher.

The note said, “Dear Mrs. Chambers, I don’t think teachers get paid enough for what they do, would you accept this gift?”

Parker’s teacher said she appreciated the gesture and that told Parker “Students like you are the reason I teach.”

“We understand teachers have a noble profession,” Parker’s dad said. “It’s one we should respect tremendously because they affect the future.” Well Parker certainly showed that!

Watch the full heartwarming video below and let us know if you think Parker did the right thing with his teacher’s gift.

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