Girls Prom Night Gets Ruined By A Bully Who Pour Jug Of Juice On Her

Friends are siblings that God forgot to give us. Surely a majority of people would agree to this. But sometimes it does not take long for a friend to turn into a snake, and that’s the tea! Be it jealousy or some old grudge, teenage friendship can end pretty horribly at times…

The following video is about Emilee Perry from Doncaster, South Yorkshire whose prom was nothing like that seen in movies. Emilee had been a bullied all throughout school and was not particularly looking forward to prom. However, her mother convinced her to go and enjoy. In no time, Emilee was wearing a beautiful, sequined gown- and she was ready to dance the night away.

Little did Emilee know that the one she called a ‘friend’ would stab her back so harshly. Two hours after Emilee arrived at prom, her ‘fake friend’ dunked a jug of juice over her, humiliating her in front of her classmates. Emilee’s expensive dress and hair were ruined with juice. Subsequently, the bully was removed from the party.

Later, Emilee’s mother shared her daughter’s plight online and many people left positive comments to cheer her up. Even the bully’s parents apologized to them. However, even after all that she went through, Emilee displays utmost maturity by choosing not to name her bully publicly.

WATCH the heart-breaking video of a friend’s 360-degree change in behaviour.

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