Dad Drags Daughter Through Airport, Video Goes Viral

Parenting can get hella difficult at times. Actually, most of the time! Don’t we all have memories of annoying our parents as kids for no reason at all? And how many times have you spotted a kid throwing tantrums in the middle of a busy street? Thus, we salute parents for putting up with their moody kids. However, the father featured in the following video deserves brownie points for his creativity!

A passerby at the Dulles International Airport, Virginia recorded the video below. He was there to pick up his girlfriend on New Year’s Day. However, what he noticed made him flip out his phone’s camera in a second. Done with his stubborn daughter’s antics, this father was left with no words. Instead, he came up with an outstanding parenting hack!

WATCH how the annoyed yet calm dad simply grabs his daughter’s hood and drags her across the airport. The child seemed to enjoy the ride as she had no complaints all along as her embarrassed sister was following them from quite a distance. What makes us chuckle is how chill everyone else around them seems!

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