This hilarious Christmas Carol is the only Christmas song you should listen to this holiday season

It’s Christmas season, and it is approaching fast. And people can’t get enough of the Christmas Carols. There are so many classic Christmas songs, and every year it keeps on increasing. But this Christmas song is a little different than what we’re all used to.

Most Christmas songs are all about the goodness of the holiday season. And how everyone is happy and having fun during the time. However, this song takes Christmas to another direction. Or should we say, it is more realistic?

progressive christmas carol

Jon Cozart sings a progressive Christmas carol where he talks about more realistic things. He suggests people not to judge, hate, bully, and discriminate. Cozart sings about the problems people are currently facing through his Christmas Carol. And he dreams of a racially ambiguous holiday.

WATCH the entire song and the things he talks about below.

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