Everyone laughed when mom sat down at the drums, then she silenced them all with her performance

We have always been told not to judge a book by its cover. Someone might appear to be something on the outside, but you can’t really judge them on their looks, as their inner self might be totally different. They might look intimidating on the outside but be real softies. They might also look very motherly on the outside but still have the heart of a rebel! The mom in the following video is a perfect example of this—just check her out!

The clip shows a woman who looks like a mom. The mom in this video looks like any other mom you might have seen before, but she has something up her sleeve that nobody expects her to have! Everyone was surprised when she sat down on the drums. After all, moms are the last thing you’d expect to see on drums! But she then reveals a whole different side to her and it is amazing.

In this clip, she begins playing the drums to the Surfaris’ 1963 hit “Wipe Out”. You might be familiar to the song, as “Wipe Out” has been played as background music on radio stations, advertisements, and even movies. Ron Wilson did a brilliant job on the long drum beats, and it’s now a classic. This lady did a fantastic job of performing the song indeed! Her sense of rhythm and her added flair was just brilliant!

If her kids saw her doing this, they must have been so proud! It’s not every day you get to see someone like her rick out like this!

Check out this amazing video below:

[ytvid id= “GWSJR2pL46M”]

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