Pro Carolina Shag Couple Tears Up the Floor at National Championships

Here’s another post with some incredible Carolina shag dancing. I just can’t get enough of it and from what the readers say, they can’t either.

This video was taken at the 2022 National Shag Dance Championships, so you know the competition was pretty stiff. It shows Steve Balok and Myers Floyd, both professional shag dancers, dancing to Jerry Lee Lewis’s version of “Pink Cadillac” (which a lot of people don’t know was written by Bruce Springsteen in 1984 and was originally released as the B-side of “Dancing in the Dark.”)

Myers is from Sumpter, South Carolina, and Steve is from Huntersville, North Carolina. In addition to his day job in health administration, Steve teaches shag dancing at Dynamic Ballroom. The couple also teach together at various workshops around the Carolinas.

This pair is amazing. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment letting us know how you like their dance!


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