‘Everything is Awesome’ for this Hilarious Singing Parrot

Parrots are one of the coolest pets you could ever get. Not only are these birds beautiful to look at, but they are also very smart. They also give great company. There is never a dull moment when they are around.

Parrots are intelligent and talented birds, with the ability to mimic human speech and even learn to sing songs. They can learn hundreds of words and can often remember the words for years, making them great companions for people who enjoy talking birds. People often adopt them for this feature, but when they grow tired of their “talking parrot”, they tend to neglect the poor bird.

The adorable yellow nape amazon in the video below is named Princess Yellow Feather. This video was taken when she visited a bird shop called Birds On Safari in Stuart, FL. In this clip, we can see the little girl very adorably sing a song called, “Everything is Awesome”, recorded by Canadian duo Tegan and Sara and featured in The Lego Movie.

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[ytvid id =”NwL_h8MtaBU”]

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