Elephant Desperate For Car’s Attention, Within Moments They Realize It’s A Cry For Help

Elephants are magnificent animals. They are social and are known to be very intelligent as well. However, they are naturally anxious around humans. They enjoy the company of their herd, so we don’t really see lone elephants walking at touching distance of unfamiliar humans and their vehicles. That is why the people in this clip were shocked when they saw a big elephant closely following their jeep. Then they soon realized that the elephant was in need of help.

They stopped and decided to have a look. That’s when they noticed the infected bullet lodged in the poor creature’s skull. The local veterinarian in the vehicle knew they had to act immediately. The elephant was called Pretty Boy and he was shot in the head by some hunter. Vets believe Pretty Boy was hit a few centimeters above what’s called a “kill shot”. Pretty Boy was then tranquilized and given an x-ray which showed a deformed bullet in his skull.

The elephant had to undergo surgery where doctors removed the bullet. Elephants don’t usually approach humans, but this poor guy was in so much pain that he didn’t hold back on asking help. After his treatment, Pretty Boy was closely monitored over the following months to ensure that the healing process was successful. Watch this touching video below and don’t forget to share what you thought about it in the comments!

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