When Baby Elephant Couldn’t Catch Dog He was Chasing, His Reaction Was Priceless

Elephants are often credited with have emotions, just like humans, including envy, jealousy and  competitiveness. Elephants use their trunk to communicate with each other, showing that they are capable of expressing a range of emotions. Scientists have observed that elephants mourn their dead, and can show signs of grief and distress. They also show signs of pleasure and excitement when reunited with family members.

Based upon this video, it looks like frustration can be one of the emotions added to that list. This cute video was captured at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is an incredible sanctuary for rescued elephants. They provide a natural environment for the elephants to roam and graze, as well as socialize and play with one another. Visitors can observe the elephants in their natural habitat and learn more about their behaviors.

The park also offers educational experiences that provide insight into the plight of the Asian elephant, a species threatened by poachers, deforestation, and humanelephant conflict. The park is committed to the conservation of the species and works to protect the elephants in their care. It is a truly remarkable place where people can learn about and appreciate the majesty of these majestic creatures

Cute Baby Elephant Gets Frustrated After Chasing A Dog 0-20 screenshot

In this video, a baby elephant decides to chase a dog that he sees hanging around the camp. The dog has other ideas, however, and the elephant soon realizes catching him is going to be harder than it imagined.

What makes the video special is the baby elephant’s reaction. After a few tries, he throws a little tantrum and then goes back to stand with the rest of the herd. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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