Carpenter Lives Frugally His Whole Life, Becomes a Millionaire and Sends Poor Kids to School

Some people spend their lifetime devoting to other’s needs and happiness. Thus in our lifetime, we unquestionably come across a handful of such individuals or end up being one.

The clip below is your encounter with a kind-hearted philanthropist. Dale Shroeder, a name that 33 college students will never forget. The man earned a living as a carpenter for 67 years. Nevertheless, his crafty trade knowledge came in handy.

carpenter kids school

Dale saved up 1.3 million dollars throughout his lifespan. However, with no living relatives, his money would end up in the government’s hand. But his lawyer friend came up with another solution. Hence, the idea of a scholarship fund.

The fund fully covered thirty-three underprivileged strangers’ tuition fees. Consequently, drying the pool money to nil. Yet, helping so many people achieve their dreams. Please don’t forget to share your story or send the love to late Dale Shroeder.

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