He Heard Some Wolves Howling. But What This Puppy Did in Response Stole My Heart!

Dogs are known to be the direct descendants of wolves. They have similar physical features and their social behavior is pretty much the same as well. A dog shares nearly 99% genetic structure with a wolf, and it still retains some characteristics like territoriality, pack behavior, and vocalization. But wait till you see what happens when a dog hears the sound of a wolf’s howl!

This video below features a cute little Pomeranian. His owner plays some wolf sounds from his laptop. When the little pup hears it, he starts tilting his head from side to side. Finally, he lifts up his head to the sky and tries to howl himself! It might not sound as daunting as a wolf’s, but he surely gave it his best! His adorable performance will steal your heart!


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