Woman Shares a Easiest Recipe on How to Make Pizza in a Slow Cooker

Many people love pizza but don’t own an oven. Youtuber Sarah O’Donnell from average betty has just the right method for anyone who wants to cook pizza in a crockpot!

In her video, Sarah instructs to use a pre-made dough instead of kneading it out of scratch. This will surely save you time. She likes her pizza to be a thin crust so she flattens the bread well. Then, she spreads a generous amount of pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni over the dough.

The final process is to put the pizza into the crockpot. The most important thing that should be remembered is to check the moisture build-up. One should keep wiping the lid from time to time while the pizza is cooking. After about 1.5 to 3 hours your pizza will be ready to eat.

Sarah’s pizza looked absolutely delicious and we are sure yours will too. If you don’t like to read instructions, you can follow the video below!

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