Pizza Delivery Hero Acts Fast When Woman Mouths ‘Call the Cops’

Here’s a great story about a woman who thinks fast on her feet when the pizza delivery guy arrives and a delivery driver who thinks just as fast interpreting what she needs.

Joseph Grundl, a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver in Waldo, Wisconsin, has been hailed as a hero for quickly assessing a situation, determining a woman was in danger and doing exactly the right thing to help her out.

When the pizza delivery man arrived at the woman’s home, he discovered her ex-boyfriend, 55-year-old Dean Hoffman, standing at the door. Grundl peered over Hoffman’s shoulder as a weak injured woman with a black eye stood behind him. “She pointed to her black eye and mouthed, ‘Help me!’ ” Joseph said.

“And then, it was maybe 30 seconds later she mouthed, ‘Call the Police!’ ” he said. Until the delivery was finished, the delivery guy maintained his “I know nothing” stature. He then rushed to his phone and dialed 911 right away. That call saved the woman’s life.

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