This Parrot Grieves for His Owner Who Is Taking Her Last Breath

Animals and birds have a great sense of grief and sadness. No human can tell how hard it must be for these poor creatures to separate from their favorite humans.

After living together for 25 years this parrot had to say goodbye to his owner. The owner’s daughter captured this heartbreaking moment between the parrot and a dying woman. This video went viral on Youtube with several million views in no time.

In the video, the parrot stays beside the dying owner silently. He caresses her belly and climbs on her. The bird surely knew that it was his final goodbye and he was not willing to let go of her. The old woman says ” I Love You” while the parrot just silently cherishes the last moments he has with his loving owner.

This has to be one of the saddest videos you will watch on the internet! Watch the full video below!

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