Ice Skaters Line Up in a Tight Formation. When the Music Started, the Crowd Erupted!

Have you ever tried ice-skating? I could barely stand up without falling flat on my bottom! So I cannot imagine how people manage to dance and do stunts while on ice skates. In this video, not one, but 16 skaters managed to captivate the crowd with their thrilling synchronized performance!

15 female and one male dancer started the act my thumping their feet to the beat of “Mud” by the Road Hammers. The team from Canada then goes on to do an impeccable choreography. Moreover, every move that they make has so much character. Not to mention the perfect coordination of every team member!

synchro champs

The skaters are dressed in black and look striking against the white background. Their remarkable act got them the gold. You have to look at one moment of the routine to know how stunning it is. And the moment where they cross each other is so precise. Each frame syncs brilliantly to the upbeat song! Watch the entire performance below:

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