Woman Won’t Come Peacefully, So Cops Have to Physically Drag Her Off Airplane

We’ve all heard the safety announcement on airlines countless times, as well as answered the various questions by boarding agents about what’s required for and prohibited from airline flights. If you’re wondering how much leeway you have in complying with those instructions, you might want to watch this.

On a Southwest Airlines flight, this woman apparently didn’t have the documentation necessary to make the flight. How she got on is unclear, but how she gets off is not–it’s graphically on display!

Sadly, the cops had to be called to get her off the plane and she was, shall we say, “uncooperative.” At first the cops have to drag her out of her seat and she is protesting, saying she has some sort of extenuating circumstances (her father is having surgery?).

After physically dragging her down the aisle for a bit, the cops appear to give her the opportunity to walk herself out. She apparently agrees, then refuses to actually move even though she repeatedly says, “I’m walking!” We can clearly see that she’s not. It’s sad our police have to respond to people like this! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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