13 Genius Reasons Not to Throw Out Your Pickle Juice

That leftover brine can be used for a variety of purposes. So, what’s the point of throwing it away? Brine can be used in a number of ways at home, from making natural remedies to coming up with new recipes. Use it to make even more pickles!

And here’s our guide on how to do it without wasting a drop of pickle juice again.

Use it to make more delicious pickles – Re-Pickle It

Are you aware of the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle? Next time you’re stuck with brine from pickles, you should pickle things like carrots, onions, avocados, and beets with it. Pickles are a fun option to try again. Put cucumbers in brine and put them in the fridge for cold pickles.

Along with ginger, people are using hard-boiled eggs to pickle, which is also quite popular. These tangy ingredients are the ideal accompaniments to chicken or fish as well as sandwiches.

Clean your utensils with it

Scrub away all the nasty stains on your cooking pot with a spoonful of pickle juice. Using dish soap and pickle brine, you can spruce up your old and dingy copper pans and grill tops.

Tenderize your Meat

Pickle juice, as it is so acidic, is ideal for tenderizing just about any type of meat, including steak, pork chops, and chicken. For the marinade, the next time you have pickle juice on hand, use it.

It works wonders for any meat you need to cook thoroughly. f you like juiciness and flavor, you’ll really appreciate this juicy meat recipe. You’ll have better texture and taste than if you chose to eat dry, rubbery meat.

Spice up your tastebud

Use pickle juice to steam vegetables instead of water to make them more exciting. Incorporate it into salads as dressing or as a substitute for vinegar. This will add a tangy flavor to a bearing salad.

Hiccups! Go Away!

Many people swear by this homemade cure hiccups even though it is largely unsupported by scientific data (as scientists are too busy to get around to it). Why not take a chance? Pickle juice, that’s all!

Wonders On Your Hangover

Picking a popular cure for hangovers, everyone knows how effective a pickle juice cure is at helping to ease headaches. Rehydration is made easier by replenishing sodium levels. Some drinkers use pickle juice as an early remedy. They take a shot of the bine before heading out.

Clean your Microwave

Heat a bowl of pickle juice in the microwave. Then, turn the power off and wipe off the grease and nasty stains in a minute. It also works for the oven and your countertops.

Make a tangy popsicle
pickle popsicle

Are you searching for something tangy and salty? Leftover pickle juice can be used to make pickle popsicles, which are ice cream popsicles dipped in pickle juice. Using an ice cube tray in place of an ice pop tray is a possibility if you are unable to get one. You can use the brine from the pickles to give shaved ice and snow cones a delicious, savory flavor.

Post-Workout Remedy

After a tough workout, pickle juice is your best option instead of water or a sports drink. Pickle juice’s electrolytes can keep you feeling strong and refreshed after exercise.

Pickle juice is also famous for relieving muscle cramps; even the most jaded athletes endorse this claim.

Relieve Heartburn

Do you suffer from heartburn? Drinking some pickle juice can aid in settling stomach acid, which can alleviate heartburn or acid reflux.
Leftover juice also relieves nausea and helps the digestive process. Talking about a simple and inexpensive way to get some respite!

Shoot the bad breath away

It may make you pucker up when you sip pickle juice, but it’ll help your breath smell better. In case you were wondering why you always reek, bacteria in your mouth are to blame, but don’t despair — pickle juice has antimicrobial properties.

Throw In Your Garden
weeds on garden

If you want to stop weeds from sprouting in your garden, dump the vinegar from the pickle jar and pour it over the weeds. Using salty brine can not only help control your garden’s weeds, but it’s also great for pets.

No More Snows In The Winter

During the winter, the snow piles up on your walkways overnight, and you’ll want to use a de-icer to keep your home’s most heavily trafficked areas from freezing up.

Some states are testing pickle brine (for example, New Jersey). Indeed, it works like seawater! Brine is comparable to regular rock salt in its ability to melt ice at temperatures below -6°F (-21°C).

So next time you think of throwing away your pickle brine, think of these hacks.  SHARE it to your friends and families.